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SaaS Deep Dive: Designing and Building Multi-Tenant Solutions

Tod Golding | GOTO Chicago 2020

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Creating a multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) application requires developers and architects to take new approaches to how they design, build, operate, and deploy their solutions. SaaS touches every dimension of your design, including how you decompose your system into services, how those services are built, how they are secured, how they store data, and how they are deployed.

In this session we’ll dig into each of these areas and outline the common patterns and strategies that you’ll need to factor into the design of your SaaS solution. As part of this dive into architecture and code, we’ll explore the core elements of SaaS application development, including identity, onboarding, tenant isolation, and data partitioning. The goal here is to expose you to the fundamental building blocks associated with designing and coding a modern SaaS application.

About the speakers

Tod Golding
Tod Golding

Architect at Amazon Web Services immersed in cloud-optimized application design and architecture