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When the 'Truth' no Longer Matters

Kate Gray | GOTO Amsterdam 2017

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There's been a lot written and talked about lately of our 'post-truth' world, but is this really something new? Or have we, until recently, applied a historical definition of 'truth' that has made us, perhaps, a bit complacent and willing to accept most information as accurate. Is there ever really a single version of the truth?

In this presentation, we'll explore the role of historians, media, technology to reassure us what we digested from various sources was actually correct. We'll also question if, in a democracy, having correct information is the most important thing or is the willingness to have a dialogue about information that is contradictory the key to a stable and representative government? And, whatever seems to be more effective, what can we who work in technology do about the world we find today?

Prerequisite attendee experience level: beginner

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Kate Gray
Kate Gray


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