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Top 7 Agile Tips I learnt as a Product Manager

Benjamin Mitchell | GOTO Amsterdam 2017

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Many people have experienced using Agile approaches within teams to deliver more working software, but what can be learnt from combing these approaches with Product Development?

This talk will cover the top seven hard-earned tips I learnt from several years spent as a Senior Product Manger for BBC Worldwide. Ever wondered how you could influence the product you were building? How can you use Agile approaches to learn about what the right product to build is? How do you overcome defensiveness? How can you design experiments that challenge assumptions and encourage change?

This talk will provide some answers, combining ideas from organisational learning, psychology and negotiation.

Prerequisite attendee experience level: Advanced

About the speakers

Benjamin Mitchell
Benjamin Mitchell

Experienced Agile Delivery Practitioner & Advocate of Effective Communication Skills