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Vishal Kumar Bhagchandani

GDSC Lead @ Illinois Institute of Technology

Vishal Kumar Bhagchandani

Vishal Kumar Bhagchandani is a DevOps Engineer and serverless computing enthusiast with a passion for helping developers and businesses build scalable, reliable, and cost-effective applications on GCP.

Vishal has a deep understanding of the concepts and technologies involved in serverless computing, and he has experience building and deploying serverless applications on GCP at scale. He is also a skilled communicator and educator, and he has spoken at conferences and meetups about serverless computing and GCP.

Vishal is excited to share his knowledge and expertise with others, and he is committed to helping the serverless community grow and thrive. He believes that serverless computing has the potential to revolutionize the way we build and deploy applications, and he is passionate about helping others adopt this transformative technology.

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