Scrum Patterns: More Than About Sucking a Little Less with Jim Coplien

Onsite GOTO Night
James Coplien
James Coplien

Lean/Agile process and architecture coach; founder of the Pasteur Organizational Patterns project

Date: October 28
Time: 5:00pm - 8.30pm
Location: Nykredit, Kalvebod Brygge 1-3, 1780 København V


5:00pm - Doors open
5:20pm - Welcome by GOTO and Nykredit
5:30pm - Scrum Patterns: More Than About Sucking a Little Less part 1
6:30pm - Food and drinks
7:00pm - Scrum Patterns: More Than About Sucking a Little Less part 2
8:00pm - Network and raffle
8:30pm - Thank you for joining us for this GOTO Night


In some sense scrum is simple with only eleven main components, but they interact in powerful and subtle ways. You can't appreciate its complex subtleties from a 16-page guide and a two-day course. And, indeed, the evidence is all there that folks don’t understand or even know how the parts work together.

The Scrum Patterns are the new defacto Scrum standard with input from Scrum’s inventor and nineteen more from among the world’s most knowledgeable Scrum people. Collected, researched, and refined over nine years, and ranked #1 among the top 45 new Scrum books of 2019 by BookAuthority, these patterns guide practitioners into an agile rollout of Scrum. Each pattern inspires you to find the development instincts with which you were born, rather than setting a standard against which you should gauge yourself, or preaching a set of rules to follow. The goal is excellence — in your work environment, in your product, and in improving your own self.

The evening’s session aspires to raise the bar about what Scrum is and can be, and to paint a path to better understanding both the parts of Scrum, and Scrum as a whole, so you can better inspect and adapt your process going forward. To help set the tone of the event, please take the quiz at We’ll talk about the aggregate results in the session; individual responses will be kept anonymous.

About the speaker

Jim Coplien is executive consultant in the areas of organizational development and software architecture with more than 40 years' experience.

He is the founder of the Pasteur Organizational Patterns project, which was the foundation for the Borland QuatroPro for Windows study that inspired Jeff Sutherland to include daily standup meetings in scrum. This work was also one of the main foundations underlying the organizational principles of Extreme Programming.

In a former life Cope is best known for his design and programming books such as Advanced C++, Multi-Paradigm Design, and the pioneering two books of the PLoPD series of edited works. He is also one of the founders of the pattern discipline, and he is the product owner for the scrum patterns effort at ScrumPLoP.

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