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Loosely or Lousy Coupled?

Join us for the online meetup "Loosely or Lousy Coupled? Understanding Communication Patterns in Microservices Architectures" with Bernd Ruecker. This GOTO night is focused on architectural implications and the effect on the productivity of your teams.

About the event

In a microservices architecture, services shall be as loosely coupled as possible. Still, they need to communicate with each other in order to fulfill business requirements.

Now there are so many questions around this communication:

  • What are the general possibilities to communicate? For example synchronous, asynchronous, or event-driven communication.
  • What are the tradeoffs and which communication style should you prefer?
  • What is the influence on the coupling of your services? For example, asynchronous communication reduces temporal coupling between services.
  • What do I have to consider when selecting a certain communication style? For example, you need to apply certain resilience patterns if you want to use synchronous communication.

This GOTO Night will help you answer these questions for your project. You will better understand not only the architectural implications but also the effect on the productivity of your teams.


17:00 | Welcome to this GOTO Night with Bernd Ruecker
17:05 | Bernd Ruecker will present his subject of the day
17:30 | Live Q&A with Bernd Ruecker
17:55 | Thank you for joining us for this GOTO Night


March 11, 17:00



Portrait of Bernd Rücker

Bernd Rücker

Co-founder & chief technologist at Camunda

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