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Machine Learning Security Operations at One of the World's Largest Brewing Companies

Maurits van der Goes | GOTO Amsterdam 2022

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Data plays an increasingly important role in every industry, and that includes brewers. To foster its competitive position and expand into new markets, Heineken - a worldwide brewing leader for over 150 years - plans to leverage the vast amounts of data they collect. Machine Learning has thus become key for turning Big Data into actionable insights and data-driven improvements.

But how can this be scaled in a secure way? In this session, Maurits will discuss parallels between MLSecOps and DevSecOps, talk about a specific use case from Heineken and present how Heineken manages to automate security in the entire process.

You will learn more about:

  • Focus areas of Machine Learning Security Operations
  • The role of security in Machine Learning

About the speakers

Maurits van der Goes
Maurits van der Goes

Data Engineer at Heineken