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Expert Talk: Continuous Architecture

What is continuous architecture and how does it fit in today’s world? Has the role of a software architect changed over the last few years, and what are the main skills you need to be good at architecting software? Pierre Pureur, co-author of “Continuous Architecture in Practice,” and Kurt Bittner, Enterprise Solution at, give an overview of what software architects — or those who dream of becoming one — should consider across each of these questions.

March 22, 2022

Better Tests at GitHub & Commodore 64 Music

The engineering culture, core functionalities, and its monolithic architecture are just some of the factors behind GitHub’s success. Ole Friis Østergaard talks about the special division for analyzing tests that are not behaving as expected. In such a complex environment, their work has a big impact on the entire system. Discover how their engineering culture, approach to software overall, and some Commodore 64 love have inspired all this.

January 17, 2023

Learning Test-Driven Development

You may think test-driven development wouldn't work in your preferred programming language, or that it would disrupt your code writing — this Book Club episode proves otherwise. Saleem Siddiqui, author of “Learning Test-Driven Development,” and Dave Farley, author of "Modern Software Engineering," review the multiple ways test-driven development can yield more effective results and produce higher quality code.

April 14, 2022

Use Code Coverage And Mutation Testing To Add Tests To Legacy Code

Refactoring is a key skill needed when working with legacy code bases, and the easiest / safest way to do it is with good test coverage. But what if your legacy code base has no tests? This advanced workshop will teach you, using hands-on practical examples, how to use code coverage and mutation testing to add tests to your legacy code base.