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Observability Engineering

Observability is crucial for developing and understanding the software that powers today’s complex systems. Charity Majors, Liz Fong-Jones, and George Miranda, authors of “Observability Engineering” show you how to manage software at scale, deliver complex cloud-native applications and systems, and the benefit observability has across the entire software development lifecycle. You’ll also learn the impact observability has on organizational culture (and vice versa).

June 9, 2022

The Web, Lies, and Videotape

Irdeto secures digital platforms in the Media & Entertainment, Payments & Banking, Automotive, and IoT industry worldwide. In Media & Entertainment, we protect movies and television shows against piracy. A crucial part of that consists in monitoring piracy across the globe. The life of a developer in security is full of surprises, a cat-and-mouse game between attacker and defender, which requires a very agile mindset to continuously adapt and react to. This talk will take you on a journey along some recent discoveries that revealed one of the biggest lies on peer-to-peer networks.


Kubernetes: Crossing the Chasm

Kubernetes is quickly becoming a commodity. Setting up a Highly Available cluster? Easy. Running large applications in a fault tolerant manner on top? No problem. As long as you fit the mould. But what if your production environment is a closed internal network? Or it’s behind the Chinese firewall? What if you don’t host your own applications but instead deliver your software to clients? Can you still leverage Kubernetes in such cases? As adoption of Kubernetes continues to grow we see more use cases which do not fit the traditional model. In this talk, I will share each of the above scenarios, the specific challenges we struggled with and, the solutions we ended up using. Finally, we’ll look at where Cloud Native technologies make sense and how far we can take them.


Visualizing and Observing Serverless Architectures

We're only just starting to grasp when we need to be worried about our serverless applications, so how do we move beyond knowing when something has gone wrong and being reactive to problems? We do this through observability and visualization. But what matters in a serverless application? What does it mean to have a 'healthy' serverless app? This talk dives into the metrics and procedures that help answer these questions.