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Data-Driven Engineering

Andy Cirillo | GOTO Chicago 2019

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Big Data is changing nearly every aspect of our lives. As a software engineer, there’s a good chance you’re already leveraging data to help your end users do their jobs more efficiently, but have you considered how it might help you do your own job more efficiently? Faster? How about more correctly?

In this talk we will explore some of the many ways that Big Data is revolutionizing the art and science of software engineering itself. It begins by treating a release as a controlled experiment, complete with hypothesis, measurement and conclusion, so that you can use data from each release to drive the next. We will see how using data scientifically allows us to test non-functional requirements, such as usability, performance and resilience, like never before possible. Topics will include how to set up your application for data-driven engineering, useful design patterns and best practices, and a number of case studies.

Who should attend this talk: People who work with distributed systems.

Academic level: Intermediate.

What is the take away in this talk: You will learn how to use Big Data to actually help you write better software.

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About the speakers

Andy Cirillo
Andy Cirillo

VP of Engineering at Epsilon-Conversant