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Stream All Things - Patterns of Modern Data Integration

Gwen Shapira | GOTO Chicago 2017

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Data integration is a really difficult problem. We know this because 80% of the time in every project is spent getting the data you want the way you want it. We know this because this problem remains challenging despite 40 years of attempts to solve it. All we want is a service that will be reliable, handle all kinds of data and integrate with all kinds of systems, be easy to manage and scale as our systems grow. Oh, and it should be super low latency too. Is it too much to ask?

In this presentation, we’ll discuss the basic challenges of data integration and introduce few design and architecture patterns that are used to tackle these challenges. We will then explore how these patterns can be implemented using Apache Kafka. Difficult problems are difficult and we offer no silver bullets, but we will share pragmatic solutions that helped many organizations build fast, scalable and manageable data pipelines.

About the speakers

Gwen Shapira
Gwen Shapira

Product Manager at Confluent