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Accelerating Machine Learning DevOps with Kubeflow

Derek Ferguson | GOTO Chicago 2019

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Kubeflow is an exciting new technology for enabling data scientists and software engineers to move their models smoothly from development through training and into Production with the same ease that we have come to expect from DevOps technologies on other platforms.

In this session, Derek Ferguson, Head of Engineering for JP Morgan Chase's Commercial Bank, will provide a quick tour of this exciting new technology and impart the skills needed to get your machine learning tasks up-and-running on the Kubernetes cluster of your choice today.

Who should attend this talk: Data Scientists or Software Engineers interested in setting up DevOps environments for Machine Learning.

Academic level: Intermediate

What is the take away in this talk: You will leave with a practical understanding of Kubeflow and its basic capabilities.

About the speakers

Derek Ferguson
Derek Ferguson

Head of technology for Fitch Solutions