Raising a Coder in an Educational Maelstrom: Advice and Lessons Learned

Seth Thomson | GOTO Chicago 2019


Basic computer skills are a must, but knowledge of computer programming has become even more in demand. To get children involved with technology at an early age will become more and more important in a very near future. When children learn how to code, a whole world full of possibilities opens.

This is a story about my own journey in getting children exposed to coding at the elementary level, including my own son, who recently published his first App at the age of thirteen and was featured in an article in Waters Technology. I will review various pathways parents and schools can take to empower the next generation to find their way in the uncertain, but exciting landscape of technology education.

This talk is relevant for all all parents, aspiring parents, and educators interested in ways of exposing children to technology education — and to learn beyond the expectations of many standard education curriculums.

About the speakers

Seth Thomson
Seth Thomson

CIO at DRW and dedicated to teaching kids to code

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