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Adaptive Threat Modelling

Aaron Bedra | GOTO Chicago 2017

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Security should always be built with an understanding of who might be attacking and how capable they are. Typical threat modeling exercises are done with a static group of threat actors applied in "best guess" scenarios. While this is helpful in the beginning, the real data eventually tells the accurate story. The truth is that your threat landscape is constantly shifting and your threat model should dynamically adapt to it. This adaptation allows teams to continuously examine controls and ensure they are adequate to counter the current threat actors. It helps create a quantitative risk driven approach to security and should be a part of every security teams tools.

Join Aaron as he demonstrates how to look at web traffic to analyze the threat landscape and turn request logs into data that identifies threat actors by intent and categorizes them in a way that can be fed directly into quantitative risk analysis. Aaron will show how important this data is in driving risk analysis and creating an effective and appropriate security program.

About the speakers

Aaron Bedra
Aaron Bedra

Security expert and Senior Engineer at DRW

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