Learning to Love your Non-functionals

Updated on April 26, 2018
Russ Miles
Russ Miles

Author, Engineering Manager; Chaos engineering practitioner

We all know the most difficult thing with microservices is not the microservices themselves, it is the glue between them. When the pressure for feature-delivery has never been higher, how do you get everyone to care about the non-functional aspects of the production system to really enable a collaborative DevOps culture?

In this talk Russ Miles, CEO of ChaosIQ,, will share how he helps teams motivate their learning and application of the non-functional aspect of their distributed systems. Through real-world stories, Russ will consider everything from service discovery to circuit breakers and show how, through effective collaboration and chaos engineering, real-world improvements can be made right now and then be extended into long-term organisational learning.

Your non-functionals are your friends, and in this talk you’ll learn why and how to make them your competitive edge.