An Incident Post-Mortem

Paul Adams | GOTO Berlin 2017


Welcome to the incident post-mortem. Don't worry; there will not be any finger pointing, there will not be any blaming. Let's all work together to work out what went wrong and plan to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Sadly, this incident has been user-facing for decades, with potentially devastating consequences. It's never too late to do better, though. So let's take this hour to work out "why has Open Source been so unnecessarily code-focused?" and get things right next time, yeah?

In this light-hearted talk we will explore the very nature of Open Source and evaluate if there are systemic failings which cause problems for our communities and, worse, our users. This post-mortem will be a fun exercise and hopefully we should all learn something from it.

About the speakers

Paul Adams
Paul Adams

Engineering Lead at Zalando

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