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Scaling EDA Workloads with Kubernetes, KEDA & Karpenter

Natasha Wright | GOTO EDA Day London 2024

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DID YOU GET TAYLOR SWIFT ERAS TICKETS?!??! NO?? Well like you, millions of people suffered as a result of IT systems crashing due to traffic - either preventing them from accessing ticket sites or incomplete payment transactions. Today, management of event driven workloads is essential for real and near time processing, allowing businesses to respond to interactions from their customers.

Scaling business IT workloads to support peaks in event traffic (such as the ERAS Tour!), needs to integrate with EDA principles and systems. Traditional autoscaling often falls short amidst unpredictable event volumes, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs.

In this session we'll hear about how Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaler (KEDA) allows us to handle the triggers, respond to events, and scale workloads as needed. We'll explore how combining KEDA with Karpenter creates a cost-effective, highly-efficient solution - and who knows, maybe we'll be ready for ERAS II. (WARNING - TAYLOR SWIFT HAS NOT ENDORSED THIS TALK)

About the speakers

Natasha  Wright
Natasha Wright

Sr. Containers Specialist at AWS

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