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Why Everybody HATES Agile

Jesper Boeg | GOTO Copenhagen 2023

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Faster value in the hands of customers and end-users, faster feedback, better products and happier employees with more decision authority. What could possibly go wrong? A LOT it seems!

Endless meetings with too many people, religious discussions about the mandates, responsibilities and accountabilities of developers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners, review meetings only attended by team members (or stakeholders with little care or insights), full time Scrum Masters desperately fighting to find enough work to fill their schedule, 180 people gathered in a gym to preplan 3 month of work, and an almost embarrassing lack of working software.

It is no wonder that developers, leaders, and customers are starting to doubt the value of all that effort invested in so little output (let alone outcome). How did the simple concept of Agile turn into such a monster of roles, events, and artifacts? When did it become “processes and tools over individuals and interactions” and how did we manage to ignore outcome in our endless religous strive to do things “by the book”.

In this session Jesper will share cases of “Agile gone wrong” from his 18 years in the field and why people rightly doubt the sanity of the imposed overhead of “Agile”. You might even get a few tips and tricks to avoid the worst pitfalls.

About the speakers

Jesper Boeg
Jesper Boeg

Pragmatic Agile/Lean coach