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Organisational Sustainability with Platform Engineering

Lesley Cordero | YOW! Sydney 2023

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Engineering organizations often face the consequences of building software in a way that prioritizes short-term gains over long-term ones. This has a lot of sociotechnical consequences, including tech debt, retention issues, and, ultimately, business risk. This talk focuses on how Platform Engineering can drive sustainability through its DevOps based principles, strong support system, and standardized shared architecture.

We’ll begin by reviewing what organizational sustainability is and how Platform Engineering can facilitate it. The rest of the talk will be split into three primary sections:

  • The sociotechnical principles provided by DevOps
  • The robust support structures that enable platform adoption and faster delivery.
  • The Platform architecture, its principles, common tensions, and a framework for how to build platform architectures that enable product engineers to do their best work.

By the end, these principles and practices will tie together to form a concrete case study on how organizations can benefit from Platform Engineering teams.

About the speakers

Lesley Cordero
Lesley Cordero

Staff Software Engineer, Tech Lead at The New York Times