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Programming the Web with HyperLANG and HyperCLI

Mike Amundsen | GOTO Chicago 2023

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What is HyperLANG and HyperCLI? Imagine if cURL and NodeJS were tossed in a blender together with a dash of COBOL for flavor (yes, COBOL!). HyperLANG and the HyperCLI makes it easy to discover, navigate, and interact with API resources and data they contain no matter where in the world these services are running on the network.

In this talk we'll learn about the HyperCLI and HyperLANG environment for exploring and interacting with APIs. The session is full of working examples and a peek behind the scenes on how the Hyper environment works.

Tired of all the scaffolding and set up you need to do in order to get something meaningful out of an API service? Frustrated by the challenge of interconnecting multiple services in order to accomplish a simple task? Then you should try HyperLANG and HyperCLI.

HyperLANG is the scripting language used to automate repetitive tasks and build scripts for interacting with APIs. It's a simple, domain-specific language that allows you to manipulate resources and perform actions based on the data contained in API responses.

HyperCLI is a command-line interface (CLI). It provides a simple interface for accessing HyperLANG's features and capabilities within a persistent shell.

About the speakers

Mike Amundsen
Mike Amundsen

The ultimate API expert. #api

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