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The Busy Platform Engineers Guide to API Gateways

Daniel Bryant | GOTO Amsterdam 2023

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API Gateways are certainly not a new technology, but the way in which they are being deployed, configured, and operated within modern platforms is forcing many of us to rethink our approach. Can we simply lift and shift our existing gateway into the cloud? Is our API gateway GitOps friendly (and does it need to be)? And what about service meshes, CNI, eBPF, and...

Join this talk for a whistle stop tour of modern API gateways, which a focus on deploying and managing this technology within Kubernetes (on which many modern platforms are built):

  • Understand why platform engineers should care about API Gateways today
  • Learn about API gateways, options, and requirements for modern platforms
  • Identify key considerations for migrating to the cloud or building a new platform on Kubernetes
  • Understand how cloud native workflows impact the user/developer experience (UX/DX) of an API gateway
  • Explore the components of a complete "edge stack" that supports end-to-end development flows

About the speakers

Daniel Bryant
Daniel Bryant

Independent Technical Consultant