Building Secure & Auditable Container Images Using Chainguard's Tooling: Melange, Apko & Wolfi

Updated on December 19, 2022
GOTO Amsterdam 2023
Matt Turner
Matt Turner

DevOps Leader and Software Engineer at Tetrate

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Using minimal container images with known, auditable contents (the much-hyped SBOM) is a critical part of taking control of your supply-chain security. These images are smaller, more up-to-date, and more secure. You might have started down this path by using multi-stage builds and scratch or distroless base images. Recently, Chainguard has released a set of tooling that takes this to the next level. In this practical session, Matt will walk you through using these tools, showing you how to make small, minimal images, along with SBOMs for their entire contents. He will show how to publish these images, and submit their build attestations to an immutable public audit log. As a bonus, he'll also show how to manage ca-certs in container images, keeping them up-to-date and avoiding the dodgy ones which show up with surprising regularity.