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Faster, Greener and Happier − Why Quarkus Should Be Your Next Tech Stack

Holly Cummins | GOTO Amsterdam 2023

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Java never went away, but it’s having a renaissance. After some initial teething pains on the cloud (too big, too slow, too hard to configure) a new breed of Java frameworks are changing everything.

In this talk, Holly will introduce Quarkus and then delve into some of the advanced features you might not know about. She’ll cover native binaries, what makes Quarkus super-fast running on the JVM, TDD with Quarkus, and Quarkus’s carbon footprint. The talk includes some theory (what underpins Quarkus’s surprising speed?) and also live demos (does Quarkus really start faster than a light bulb? What does an integration testing flow with Quarkus look like?)

About the speakers

Holly Cummins
Holly Cummins

Senior Principal Software Engineer on the Red Hat Quarkus team