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Principles of Web API Design

Mike Amundsen • James Higginbotham | GOTO Book Club

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James Higginbotham, author of “Principles of Web API Design”, outlines the key points of creating and using APIs in today’s world. In the conversation with Mike Amundsen, author of “RESTful Patterns and Best Practices for API's Cookbook” you discover the principles of James’ ADDR process and how job stories and event storming contribute to a successful API launch. Furthermore, they touch upon key terms such as minimum viable portal and why API boundaries are so hot at the moment.

The interview is based on James's book "Principles of Web API Design": https://www.informit.com/store/principles-of-web-api-design-delivering-value-with-9780137355631

About the speakers

Mike Amundsen
Mike Amundsen

The ultimate API expert. #api

James Higginbotham
James Higginbotham

Author of "Principles of Web API Design"

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