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Agility at Scale: A Meeting of Mindsets

Anna Urbaniak • Daniel Terhorst-North | GOTOpia November 2020

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The shift from industrial thinking to digital product thinking is profound. Tools and structures designed to support one often work directly against the other. Great industrial leadership does not transfer to great digital product leadership. So we tend to think of them as being in conflict.

Agile-in-the-small - a single team with a single product - is all about digital product thinking. Agile-in-the-large is a very different thing. In this talk, Daniel and Anna show how combining industrial and digital thinking is the key to achieving autonomy with alignment, and they offer pragmatic advice and useful tools for achieving agility at scale.

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About the speakers

Anna Urbaniak
Anna Urbaniak

Agile coach and consultant managing organizational systems, coaching and consulting for over 15 years

Daniel Terhorst-North
Daniel Terhorst-North

Originator of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) & Principal at Dan North & Associates