Casper Wilstrup

Founder and CEO of Abzu with 20 years's experience building large scale systems for data processing, analysis, and artificial intelligence

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Casper Wilstrup

Casper is a founder and CEO of Abzu - the deep tech startup whose proprietary AI, the QLattice, empowers scientists to bring drugs to market faster by accelerating their exploration and understanding. Casper believes that technology can be used for science, and actually make an impact in the world. His startup has recently received a 2.5 million Euro grant from the European Union to apply their symbolic regression algorithm to drug discovery.

Abzu's CEO Casper Willstrup an avid coder, initially came up with the idea for Abzu, the QLattice, during his physics studies in the mid-90s. His career took many twists and turns, since he found the way to solve symbolic regression all leading back to him studying physics and getting his first computer when he was nine years old. He knew then, that he will bring a new revolution in the world, blending science and technology.

Casper is now merging philosophy of mind, neuroscience and AI, to show the world a new possibility. Together with many years of his experience in building large scale systems for data processing, analysis, and artificial intelligence, he is now working on whether we can use technology to understand diseases, and speed up the development of new treatments.

Topic focus: AI, machine learning, symbolic regression

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