Wouter Ligtenberg

Engineering lead at ING Tech Romania, the software development hub of ING

GOTOpia February 2021

Wouter Ligtenberg

Wouter is a DevOps engineering lead at ING Tech Romania, the software development hub of ING. Before working at ING Tech Romania, he was an independent game designer/developer.

His ING International Talent Programme journey started in Amsterdam after he finished his studies in data engineering. For his second rotation, as part of the programme, Wouter had the opportunity to move to Philippines for 2 years and worked in process automation and DevOps authentication. After those 2 exciting years, it was time to make the next step and the perfect opportunity came by: setting up a DevOps team in Romania for one of the global platforms, Touchpoint.

After starting at ING, he became interested in automating everything that he saw and this eventually led him to get indulged into CI/CD world with cloud and container services which is essentially automating software development.

Beside being a tech passionate, he's been rock climbing for half of his life now and it's a sport that he can practice anywhere in the world.



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