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Lena Reinhard

Leadership Coach & Consultant

Lena Reinhard

I spent the last 13 years growing engineering leaders and building high-performing co-located and globally distributed engineering organisations during hypergrowth, for the last five years as VP Engineering at CircleCI and Travis CI.

In this time, I’ve hired, grown, and supported dozens of engineering leaders from new and experienced engineering managers, to technical leaders at all levels, directors, VPs, and C-level executives.

I’m also a former software startup founder and CEO with a cross-functional background in Finance, Media, and Arts, and have worked with a broad variety of companies at all stages from startups pre-founding to late-stage/pre-IPO, bootstrapped and VC-funded ventures, to corporates and NGOs.

Now, I’m dedicated to helping engineering organisations succeed as a coach, consultant, and trainer to executives and managers at all levels, teams of managers, technical leaders, and as a startup advisor. My clients are leaders in fast-changing startups and corporations, ranging from technical- and people leaders, to executives.

My clients frequently highlight the significant growth, acceleration of learning, new perspectives and ways of thinking, as well as the clarity that the coaching brings to their work and the degree to which the coaching helps them cope with challenges and drastically increases their confidence and impact.

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