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Sid Anand

Data Architect for Datazoom, a rising email security company. Committer, Advisor, Speaker. Former LinkedIn, Netflix and eBay

Sid Anand

I currently serve as the Chief Architect and Head of Engineering for Datazoom, where my team and I build high-fidelity, low-latency data streaming systems. Prior to joining Datazoom, I served as PayPal's Chief Data Engineer, where I helped build systems, platforms, teams, and processes, all with the aim of building access to the hundreds of petabytes of data under PayPal's management.

Prior to joining PayPal, I held senior technical positions at Netflix, LinkedIn, eBay, & Etsy to name a few. I earned my BS and MS degrees in CS from Cornell University -- I focused on Distributed Systems.

Outside of work, I advise early-stage companies and several conferences. Once an active committer on Apache Airflow, I am now mostly a fan.

My body of work includes but is not limited to:

  • The world's first cloud-based streaming video service -- I was the first engineer to work on the cloud at Netflix
  • LinkedIn's Federated Search Typeahead (a.k.a. auto-complete)
  • LinkedIn's (Big Data) Self-service Marketing Analytics tool
  • PayPal's DBaaS - an internal self-service system to provision & manage heterogenous databases
  • PayPal's CDC - an internal self-service CDC system to stream DB updates to nearline applications
  • eBay-over-Skype : Following the Skype-acquisition, I built a P2P version of eBay offers
  • eBay's Best Match Search Ranking Engine powered by an In-Memory Database
  • eBay's Fuzzy-match name/email Search
  • Agari's Data Platform : Batch & Streaming Predictive Data Platform as a Service
  • Datazoom's Platform : High-fidelity, Low-latency Streaming Data Platform as a Service

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