Martin Quensel

Startup co-founder building the OS for global commerce to decentralise business relations

GOTO Berlin 2018

Martin Quensel

Martin has recently co-founded Centrifuge. His 4th startup, where he serves as MD of Centrifuge GmbH and COO. He has co-founded Taulia and Ebydos before. The Taulia supplier finance network makes invoice financing and earlier payments available to all suppliers of currently more than 120 Global 2000 companies. The Ebydos Invoice Cockpit and Process Director solutions is automating the invoice processing in the SAP systems of more than 800 global corporates. Martin started his career at SAP, where he was responsible for SAP's payment program F110, before helping to build the first version of SAP's Internet Sales and Marketplace Order Management products. Martin's functional expertise lies within Payments, Supply Chain Management and Financing, Purchase-to-Pay, Order-to-cash as well Supplier Management. He and his co-founder are thrilled by the paradigm shift the blockchain could mean for the global economy. Centrifuge is building the Operating System for global commerce to decentralize business relations and transactions towards enabling equal opportunities for all.



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