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Adron Hall

Coder, Messenger, Recon, Infrastructure, Ops, & A Sprinkling of Metal

Adron Hall

Adron is a jovial, proactive, test & code, code & test, get things done well, software architect, engineer, code monkey, coder, and distributed systems advocate. He goes by the title of “Coder, Messenger, Recon” as it seems to best encompass what he does.

  • Coder: Adron writes code, sometimes lots of code, sometimes a little code. No language is a limit, only another tool to implement solutions. He plies polygot language paths including: C#, Java, JavaScript, Erlang lately and Pascal, Basic, Visual Basic, C++, C, COBOL, RPG, CL and others in the past!
  • Founder: Adron founded Deconstructed.io with Aaron Gray, Node PDX with Troy Howard, and .NET Fringe with a whole host of excellent people and more are in the works.
  • Messenger: Every chance Adron gets, he works to share knowledge he's gained over the years. From workshops to one on one mentoring, pair programming or directed training.
  • Recon: Adron loves seeing technologies built and technologies come together.

But besides all that techno stuff, Adron digs good coffee, great beer, wine, food and a good music show. He cycles, almost everywhere these days, and doesn’t own a car (but he's a car snob of the serious racing sort auto-x, tuners, drift, rally, etc). Adron verges on the “transit nerd” and “rail nut” category along with “plane spotter” and “exotic car driver”. He also plays the guitar - primarily shredding (metal), loves to prog with some Jazz, and croon along with some blues.

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