Cedric Hurst

Principal & Lead Software Engineer at Spantree

GOTO Chicago 2019

Cedric Hurst

Cedric is Principal and Founder at Spantree, a boutique consulting firm with a team composed of exclusively very smart and friendly programmers with complimentary skill sets. He spends a lot of time thinking about how to apply cutting-edge open source solutions to business and everyday problems. Before starting Spantree, he had a stint at IBM as an open source evangelist. He also founded a startup to create secure wireless networks in the early 2000s. He loves working with Groovy, Elasticsearch, rules engines, and devops tools and strives to be an effective leader, hard worker and generally nice person. In his spare time, Cedric also speaks at technical meetups, makes music and mentors students. If he wasn't building software for a living, his fallback career is to become a record store clerk.



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