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Jamie Grier

Helping people realizing the potential of Flink in their own projects, Director of Applications Engineering at Data Artisans

Jamie Grier

Jamie Grier

Jamie Grier is director of applications engineering at data Artisans, where he’s extremely excited to be able to help others realize the potential of Flink in their own projects. Jaime's goal is to help others design systems to solve challenging problems in the real world.

Jamie has been working in the field of streaming computation for the last decade, spanning everything from ultra-high-performance video stream acquisition and processing to social media analytics. Prior to joining data Artisans, Jamie was at Twitter working on rethinking the real-time analytics stack with the goals of making it much more efficient and also capable of computing accurate results in real time without relying on the lambda architecture for correctness.

Before Twitter Jamie was one of the lead engineers at Gnip building their social media streaming, filtering, and delivery system and before that was the lead engineer at Boulder Imaging working on systems that could ingest and process greater than 1 GB/sec of streaming video on a single machine.

Jamie is interested in streaming computation and mechanically sympathetic software architectures. He is particularly interested in building systems that are both high performance and highly scalable. His favorite quote is “You can have a second computer once you’ve shown you know how to use the first one.”

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