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Sebastian Du Rand

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead, Advocate for Collaborative Innovation at Eneco

Sebastian Du Rand

Sebastian Du Rand is a seasoned Senior Software Engineer at Eneco, bringing over a decade of tech expertise to the table. His journey spans from the vibrant landscapes of South Africa to the forefront of transformative energy solutions.

In his role at Eneco, Sebastian is not just a coder; he's a catalyst for change. With a background as a Full Stack Dev, he's been an integral part of pivotal projects like the Virtual Power Plant, contributing to backend development and ensuring system scalability.

Outside of the tech realm, Sebastian is an avid athlete, finding solace in the rhythm of swimming, biking, and running. Balancing the fast-paced world of software engineering with the tranquillity of nature, he delights in the simple moments that make life truly extraordinary.

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