Flavia Naezer

Product Thinker, Public Speaker, Artist

Flavia  Naezer

Flavia Naezer

Flavia Naezer is a Product Manager / Product Owner with 20+ years of experience, strong Tech background, based in the Netherlands. She has contributed to the Digital Transformation of several financial institutions like NN, ING with the main focus on Engineering Culture, Agile and Product.

Her talent & skills lie in building customer-facing, digital products with kick-ass agile product teams that ace at their craft. Her tech and design experience makes it easier for me to engage with different expertises in a team. Her team is very important to her: She believes that great people build great products. She often coaches team members, give them freedom to spread their wings and excel at craftsmanship, and encourage an open conversation. She has a growth-mindset and stimulate creativity, experimentation and reaching for the stars! Some of the products she built are the NN App, Internal Developer Portal and the ING API Platform. All created from scratch, ground-up from Day 0.

Besides work, Flavia loves to express her creativity through paintings and art.

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