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Marc Priestley

Former F1 Pit Crew

Marc Priestley

Marc Priestley is McLaren’s former Number One Mechanic. Drawing on his experiences with the World Championship-winning pit crew, he provides valuable insights for businesses on the power of teamwork, strategic planning and communication. He's stood in the pitlane as cars approach at motorway speeds, stopping centimetres away, where he & his team come together in perfect synchronicity to change tyres in little more than 2 sec. He's worked with an impressive list of drivers & World Champions including Mika Hakkinen, Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen & Lewis Hamilton.

Marc now shares his experiences & knowledge through talks, consultations & workshops with businesses across the world & is also host of the renowned Pitlane Life Lessons Podcast. In one sense an F1 team’s a business like any other, but it's also different in many ways & offers unique lessons in such areas as change management, marginal gains, image portrayal, data analysis & of course team work.

Having been an integral part of these processes for so long & seen, first hand, how they impact a company, there aren't many people more perfectly placed, or better educated in the field, to impart these lessons.

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