Matt Housley

Author, Data Engineer and Architect, Reformed Data Scientist

GOTO AI Days Chicago 2023

Matt Housley

A fellow “Recovering Data Scientist,” Matt is also a “Reformed Academic,” holding a PhD in Math and dual Masters degrees in both Math and Physics. It was only natural that he began his career in Academia as a Professor of Mathematics, before joining one of the largest e-commerce companies as a data scientist.

His STEM background in combination with his knack for teaching makes him a mastermind at overhauling processes, improving teamwork, and incorporating engineering best practices so that real value is delivered to companies. While making the journey from data scientist to data engineer, Matt began to focus more on data & cloud engineering, working extensively with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Containers, Apache Airflow and GPUs, among other technologies.

Matt (or should we say, “Dr. Housley”) is an adjunct faculty member in the Math Department at The University of Utah. He is the co-author of Fundamentals of Data Engineering, published by O’Reilly.



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