Sebastiano Poggi

Team Lead at Jetbrains

Sebastiano Poggi

Sebastiano is an experienced Software Engineer — growing his interest from a hobby into a career, in areas ranging from industrial automation and mechatronics to a full time mobile and desktop development. His first full-time job as an Android developer came in early 2012 at “i'm Watch”, the world's first open Android smartwatch, in Vicenza, Italy. There he contributed to the customisation of the watch's OS and apps. He also led a major UX and UI redesign project that resulted in the release of the second major version of the watch's OS at CES 2013 – plus he managed the company's Developer Relations programme.

Since then he's attended, organised and spoken at conferences across Europe and the US. After moving to London in 2014, Sebastiano has worked on major clients' Android projects at AKQA and then at Novoda. Now back in Italy, he's working for JetBrains on package Search and other Kotlin-powered tooling projects.

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