Luxshan Ratnaravi

Exposing what happens when agility meets reality through #ComicAgile

Luxshan Ratnaravi

Luxshan Ratnaravi holds an MSc in Software Engineering and is an Agile Coach with the Danish financial software solutions provider Bankdata. He’s constantly on a mission of improving the status quo from his position between being an agile ideologist and a pragmatic problem-solver.

Working to make agility meet reality. He works as an author and keynote speaker with Comic Agile, where comics and humour are used to drive reflection on agile practices.

He has worked in different sectors as Business Analyst, Product Owner, Release Train Engineer and even a huge rapper! But has now made his mark as a successful Agile Coach. He is building changes in the world through his words, be it through rapping, training or even comic stories.

Fun fact: Luxshan has freestyle battle rapped in front of 10,000 people at Roskilde Festival and founded a league for pre-written rap battles in Danish.

Check out some of Luxshan’s past talks:

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