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Ken Gavranovic

Ken Gavranovic is a member of Thinkers50 and a recognized global speaker, consultant, and executive coach. Ken has more than twenty-five years of experience as a successful Fortune 500 Executive, business owner, trusted advisor, professional trainer, certified executive coach, Angel Investor, and respected community leader. He has successfully led companies in ten different industries and has a keen understanding of how to thrive in business including multiple 10-100x exits including IPO’s. He’s taken his lifetime of experience and founded Actionable Growth Strategies, LLC, a company devoted to helping individuals and organizations achieve their maximum potential! Ken is the author of the upcoming book, The Map to the $uccesful Human Company. A former public CEO, Ken has been described as an expert in helping teams and companies “move the needle” without “breaking glass.” Ken has worked with clients including Google, Microsoft, JP Morgan, Amazon, Humana, Survey Monkey, and Bioware.

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