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Jovan Veljanoski

Machine learning specialist at Cloud Technology Solutions and co-founder of vaex.io

Jovan Veljanoski

Jovan is a data science and machine learning consultant who will show you how to build an snappy dashboard visualizing hundreds of millions of data points using a single machine.

He's keen on combining data-driven approaches with domain knowledge to solve various complex problems.

Jovan is a machine learning specialist & researcher at Cloud Technology Solutions, where he creates predictive models and data pipelines for a variety of domains and use cases. Working mostly with Python in the Jupyter/PyData ecosystem, he has considerable experience in creating dashboards, clustering analysis and predictive modeling.

He's also a co-founder of vaex.io, where they develop solutions for exploration, visualization, and exploitation of large data sets without the need for cloud or distributed computing.

Formerly he was an astrophysics researcher, trying to understand the formation history of the Milky Way, by analyzing various astronomical datasets, primarily the large catalogue of the Gaia space mission.

Catch him at GOTO Copenhagen together with Maarten Breddels, where they will show you how to uncluster your data science using Vaex, an out of core DataFrame library in Python.

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