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Anders Skovsgaard

Data Scientist and Security Expert

Anders Skovsgaard

Anders used to hack websites, not as a criminal act, but after an agreement with the owner and for the greater good.

Anders Skovsgaard is Co-Founder of Heyhack that performs automated penetration testing and reconnaissance. Anders holds a PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus University, Denmark and UCLA, USA. He has 15+ years of experience as security pen-tester and has been doing presentations and workshops at big developer events and for large corporations for more than a decade.

Anders has audited critical radio-protocols, mobile/web-apps, device firmware and cryptographic implementations. Previously, he was an active bug-bounty hunter and has helped several tech giants (Google, Twitter) with finding vulnerabilities.

A week a year he enjoys helping upcoming security talents in his role as External Lecturer in cryptography and web-security at Aarhus University.

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