Tech Leader Panel - Scalability at speed: Exceed customer expectations

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Adi Polak
Adi Polak

VP of Developer Experience at Treeverse & Contributing to lakeFS OSS

Join us for this Live Tech Leader Panel with Adi Polak together with Andre Carlucci, Dennis Mulder and Marcel van Benthem as they discuss how to use modern application development to exceed customer expectations and the importance of scalability in this process. The attendees will share their personal experiences and lessons learned working at companies such as Microsoft, Kinly, and Trifork.

Date: November 10
Time: 16:00pm - 17:00pm CET
Location: YouTube Live


16:00 | Welcome to this Live Panel
16:05 | Topic discussion by panelists
16:40 | Live Q&A
16:55 | Thank you for joining us for this Live Panel


Performance isn’t just about speed anymore. As your company grows and tries to expand, your volume of sales and consumer needs constantly change. Organizations need a platform that grows with them by continuously detecting changing customer behaviors and adapting to them fast. Scalability is essential in this process and digital transformation lays the foundation of a company's growth.

About the panelists

Adi Polak | Sr. Manager (Big Data) at Microsoft
Adi Polak is a Sr. Software Engineer and Developer Advocate in the Azure Engineering organization at Microsoft. Her work focuses on distributed systems, big data analysis, and scalable machine learning. In her advocacy work, she brings her vast industry research & engineering experience to bear in educating and helping teams design, architect, and build cost-effective software and infrastructure solutions that emphasize scalability, team expertise, and business goals. Adi is a frequent presenter at worldwide industry conferences, O’Reilly author, and technical instructor. When Adi isn’t building Machine Learning Pipelines or thinking up new software architecture, you can find her hiking and camping in nature.

Andre Carlucci | Global Director of Application Engineering at Kinly
Andre Carlucci has 19 years of experience with Engineering Leadership. He co-founded and was the CTO of Way2 Technology for 13 years and Vice-Director of the IoT Board of Santa Catarina State’s Business Technology Association (ACATE), working hand in hand with private and public Innovation Centers and influencing government decisions regarding technology and new initiatives in the State. Due to his contributions to the software community, he was awarded as a Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, Intel Software Innovator, Intel Black Belt Software Developer, and The Developers Conference Rockstar, having delivered more than 100 tech talks in many countries. Today, Andre lives in the Netherlands, working as the Global Director of Application Engineering at Kinly. He has a strong focus on Open-Source, Microsoft Technologies, Amazon AWS, cloud, IoT, Software Architecture, and building amazing teams.

Dennis Mulder | Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft Netherlands
Dennis Mulder, with 23 years of global experience in enterprise software systems, Dennis has a strong focus on Cloud Adoption in Enterprises. Currently he is leading tech strategy for Microsoft's Cloud Technologies in the Netherlands with its Small, Medium & Enterprise customers & partners. Dennis has 13+ years of experience in Cloud Computing and has been involved with Microsoft’s most impactful projects & accounts worldwide.

Marcel van Benthem | Chief Commercial Officer at Trifork
Marcel van Benthem is Chief Commercial Officer at Trifork Amsterdam and leads the sales & marketing team which also includes the GOTO brand. He’s been working in the IT sector since the early 90’s and has witnessed the rising of many technologies and applications. Always from a sales and management perspective but with great interest in technology. He’s inspired by Trifork’s mission statement to push the limits and boundaries of what (new) technology and methods can do to make life better and easier for all of us. In all of his professional life he’s been bridging the gap between the interests of customers and engineers to come to a great product and/or service for all involved.

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