Tech Leader Panel: Accelerate Your Growth by Reducing Time to Market

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Matt Turner
Matt Turner

DevOps Leader and Software Engineer at Tetrate

About the event

With an ever growing market competition, companies try to surpass each other by delivering a high quality product cheaper or faster. While staying ahead of the competition lays at the heart of a business’s growth, reducing time to market is often a mere promise rather than a deliverable action. It requires alignment on many fronts and the boldness to innovate on existing business processes. In this race against time, companies encounter various challenges, such as stakeholder alignment and security issues. Adapting at speed is one of the key ingredients to overcoming them. By automating processes and adapting to changes at speed, you can deliver your service or product faster and gain the competitive advantage. But how?

Join us for this Live Panel with Matt Turner together with Nikola Yovchev and Marcel van Benthem. In this discussion they will explore how agility and adaptability can contribute to reducing your time to market and staying ahead of the competition. The panelists will share their personal experiences and lessons from the trenches learned working at companies such as Marshall Wace, Relay42, and Trifork while discussing future trends in technology and how they influence multiple business environments.

Location: YouTube (Live)

Do you have questions you’d like to ask the panelists around this topic? The discussion will involve a Q&A section. Either pre-submit your questions using the registration form or ask them during the event via the live chat function.


16:00 | Welcome to this Live Panel
16:05 | Topic discussion by panelists
16:40 | Live Q&A
16:55 | Thank you for joining us for this Live Panel

About the panelists

Matt Turner
Matt is a Platform Engineer at Marshall Wace, a London asset manager. Matt's team is responsible for infrastructure, on-prem and public-cloud, security, and developer experience. Marshall Wace's platform has it all - old and new, Kubernetes and Kerberos. Matt has done Dev, sometimes with added Ops, for over a decade, working at JetStack, SkyScanner, Cisco, Tetrate, and others. His idea of "full-stack" is Linux, Kubernetes, and now Istio too. He's given lots of talks and workshops on Kubernetes and friends, and is co-organiser of the Istio London meetup. He tweets @mt165 and blogs at

Nikola Yovchev
Nikola appreciates simple and scalable architectures and clean maintainable code. He believes that working at Relay42 gives him a perfect opportunity to both work on interesting software stacks and co-operate with inspiring and bright people whilst helping them achieve operational and development excellence. You can read his developer story on SO and find him on his website and github.

Marcel van Benthem
Marcel is Chief Commercial Officer at Trifork Amsterdam and leads the sales & marketing team which also includes the GOTO brand. He’s been working in the IT sector since the early 90’s and has witnessed the rising of many technologies and applications. Always from a sales and management perspective but with great interest in technology.
He’s inspired by Trifork’s mission statement to push the limits and boundaries of what (new) technology and methods can do to make life better and easier for all of us. In all of his professional life he’s been bridging the gap between the interests of customers and engineers to come to a great product and/or service for all involved.

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