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Live Ask Me Anything with Adi Polak

Join us in this Ask Me Anything session (AMA) with Adi Polak on YouTube (Live) and have her answer any burning technical questions you can think of around distributed systems, big data analysis, scalable machine learning, OSS technologies such as Apache Spark and Apache Kafka, building machine learning systems and distributed-data architecture!

Location: YouTube (Live)

Please note: We encourage you to ask your questions before the event starts. This way, we can make full use of the hour with our expert, Adi Polak, and make sure that you will get your answers during our Live AMA session. You can submit your questions through the registration form.


Adi Polak is a Sr. Software Engineer and Developer Advocate in the Azure Engineering organization at Microsoft. Her work focuses on distributed systems, big data analysis, and scalable machine learning. In her advocacy work, she brings her vast industry research & engineering experience to bear in educating and helping teams design, architect, and build cost-effective software and infrastructure solutions that emphasize scalability, team expertise, and business goals. Adi is a frequent presenter at worldwide industry conferences, O’Reilly author, and technical instructor. When Adi isn’t building Machine Learning Pipelines or thinking up new software architecture, you can find her hiking and camping in nature.


November 10

YouTube (Live)