Covid-19 and the new normal for tech

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James Lewis
James Lewis

Software Architect & Director at Thoughtworks

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Covid-19 and the new normal for tech

The global pandemic has forced a huge shift in how work gets done. Many tech companies have made the shift to remote-first working. Whilst for the most part this has improved many peoples work-life balance, we have also lost a lot of the things that lead to innovation in the workplace, such as serendipitous conversations, mentoring of less experienced staff and opportunities to gather together at events face-to-face. So what does the future hold? How, as tech leaders, can we balance both face to face and remote-first working? Do we divert investment to get people together for more "off sites"? Do we create more, smaller hubs as our colleagues move away from cities to the countryside? This is an opportunity to share our thoughts on the future of the tech workspace.

Join us for this Live Panel discussion with 4 industry leaders & moderator James Lewis. Learn how seasoned tech leaders took charge of changes in their respective lines of business, their paths to the next normal & the lessons they have learned during this global pandemic.

Have questions specific to the discussion? The moderated discussion will be followed by a live Q&A session so you can ask your questions to the panel directly.

Moderator: James Lewis

Featured Panelists:

Pavel Chunyayev | Director of Engineering at Magnitude

Nikola Yovchev | Head of Engineering at Relay42

Marcel van Benthem | Chief Commercial Officer at Trifork

Matteo Taddeo | Sr. Manager, Software Engineering at

16:00 | Welcome to the Live Panel Discussion
16:05 | Topic introduction by James Lewis
16:15 | James will ask the panelists to answer and discuss pre-submitted questions from the other panelists and will also close off every question with his own answer.
16:40 | Live Q&A- Panelists and James will answer and discuss questions from the audience
16:55 | Thank you for joining us for this Live Panel Discussion

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