On the Bleeding Edge of OpenTelemetry

Online GOTO Night
Philipp Krenn
Philipp Krenn

Infrastructure | Developer Advocate at Elastic

About the event

Tracing and telemetry are popular topics right now, but the development is so quick that it also confuses:

  • Starting with OpenTracing, then W3C Trace-Context, and now OpenTelemetry there are plenty of standards, but what do or don't they cover?

  • How do the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and its projects like Jaeger play into that?

  • Where is OpenTelemetry headed, and how you can use it today?


17:00 | Welcome to this GOTO Night with Philip Krenn
17:05 | Philip Krenn will present his subject of the day
17:30 | Live Q&A with Philip Krenn
17:55 | Thank you for joining us for this GOTO Night

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