Comic Agilé Book Reception

Onsite GOTO Night
Mikkel Noe-Nygaard
Mikkel Noe-Nygaard

UX Saviour at Vestas & Cartoonist at Comic Agilé

Luxshan Ratnaravi
Luxshan Ratnaravi

Exposing what happens when agility meets reality through #ComicAgile

Date: November 1, 2022
Time: 5.00pm - 7.00pm
Location: Fiskerivej 2H, Aarhus


5:00pm - Doors open
5:15pm - Welcome by Comic Agilé and GOTO
5:20pm - Book Reception
7:00pm - Thank you for today!


Comic Agilé, the global agile comic strip phenomenon created by Luxshan Ratnaravi and Mikkel Noe-Nygaard, are ready with their second book. To celebrate this in Aarhus, we’re inviting you all to join us the GOTO / Trifork premises on Fiskerivej 2H on November 1 at 17:00.

The duo’s new book is filled with more than 100 of their latest depictions of what happens when agile meets reality as well as sound advice on how to manage these situations when they occur in your organization.

We invite you to bring a colleague or friend, buy a signed hardcover copy of the book at a discounted price, and hang around to enjoy some tapas and drinks and network with other agile professionals in an informal setting.

We can’t wait to see you!

About the speakers

Luxshan Ratnaravi holds an MSc in Software Engineering and is an Agile Coach with the Danish financial software solutions provider Bankdata. He’s constantly on a mission of improving the status quo from his position between being an agile ideologist and a pragmatic problem-solver.

Mikkel Noe-Nygaard holds an MA in Architecture with a background in sustainable buildings and a speciality in Communications Design, but has always been working with user experience in software. Mikkel designs both hyper-complex cloud-based expert tools and simple mobile applications with the same pride, and always puts the user first in aesthetic, efficient solutions.

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