Digital Disruption and Economies of Speed

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Dave Farley
Dave Farley

Author of the best-selling books “Continuous Delivery” and “Modern Software Engineering” and over 6 million views on his YouTube channel.

Software development in the past was about automating pre-existing processes. Things have moved on. For the best companies in the world, software is the difference, the driving force behind, not just technical, but business innovation. Think of companies like Amazon, Google & Netflix, but also Capital One bank, Tesla, Ericsson. These businesses use the power of software in a different way to more traditional organisations. Software is not thought of as a cost-centre or a service, but a core driver of business strategy and excellence. You can think of this as “Digital Disruption”, employing the power and malleability of software to create business opportunities that didn’t exist before.

What is the difference? What characteristics do these world-learning companies share? What does it take to move from a traditional software-as-a-service or software-as-a-cost-centre style organisation to being able to create these new business opportunities?

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