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The Ideal Programming Language

What would your ideal programming language look like? Erik Doernenburg, head of technology at Thoughtworks, and Richard Feldman, author of “Elm in Action,” sat together at GOTO Copenhagen 2021 to chat about what theirs would look like. They also had a look into the future of up-and-coming languages.

February 8, 2022

Expert Talk: Zig Programming Language and Linters

This conversation between Jeroen Engels, a software engineer at CrowdStrike, and Andrew Kelley, the president and lead software developer of the Zig Software Foundation, discusses the use of linters in programming languages. They talk about the challenges of refactoring code with custom macros and the need for improved refactoring tools and integration with compilers for programming languages. The conversation also covers the importance of error codes versus warning codes in linters, handling potentially null values, and the tradeoffs of having linting errors. Although the Zig compiler does not have a separate linter, they agree that a separate linter step from the compilation step is a viable option. The conversation highlighted the importance of enforcing linting in the continuous integration (CI) process and the need for programmers to cooperate to make functions work without side effects.

April 28, 2023

How to Build Software From Source

Building software from source can seem like arcane magic; a lost art of history. In fact, it is a skill that can be mastered by learning just a few basic concepts, and resisting the temptation to overcomplicate. This talk will teach you some real world skills of building software from source, and then I'll take things in a completely different direction, by showing you how to rip apart a project's build system and replace it with the Zig Build System, making building things from source work effortlessly for more people and more platforms.